vraiment.fr is an art & design homepage project. The concept is simple - to make better known the work of artists and designers with the help of a network tool.

how does it work?

Choose from one of the options listed below, and save it as your homepage. Henceforth every time that you open a new window in your browser, you discover by random selection, the work of a different artist or designer.

• http://art.vraiment.fr
• http://design.vraiment.fr
• http://projects.vraiment.fr
• http://mix.vraiment.fr

the archives

To consult the complete listing of sites in our catalogue, click on the appropriate link below.

• artists catalogue
• art projects catalogue
• design catalogue

the team

This project has been made by David Michael Clarke, Sylvain Beorchia and Henri-Michel Jean. Please don't hesitate to suggest new entries to our catalogue.

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